Mon Feb 18

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szustan's Tournaments

19-02-14Tournament n10078
19-02-01Tournament n10066
19-01-27Tournament n10063
19-01-15Tournament n10051
19-01-02Tournament n10045
18-12-02Tournament n10020
18-11-07Tournament n10002
18-10-26Tournament n9990
18-10-08Tournament n9968
18-09-30Tournament n9966
18-09-26Tournament n9961
18-09-08Tournament n9950
18-09-01Tournament n9941
18-08-12Tournament n9926
18-07-11Tournament n9892
18-06-05Tournament n9853
18-05-18Tournament n9843
18-05-16Tournament n9836
18-04-15Tournament n9804
18-04-12Tournament n9800
18-03-03Tournament n9764
18-02-18Tournament n9740
18-01-20Tournament n9711
18-01-13Tournament n9698
18-01-04Tournament n9692
17-12-26Tournament n9682
17-12-13Tournament n9665
17-12-01Tournament n9643
17-11-18Tournament n9624
17-11-01Tournament n9600
17-10-20Tournament n9584
17-08-25Tournament n9509
17-08-20Tournament n9502
17-06-30Tournament n9445
17-06-17Tournament n9412
17-05-03Tournament n9364
17-04-23Tournament n9352
17-04-08Tournament n9332
17-03-19Tournament n9309
17-02-16Tournament n9257
17-01-07Tournament n9170
16-12-23Tournament n9150
16-11-19Tournament n9077
16-11-10Tournament n9057
16-10-23Tournament n9032
16-09-09Tournament n8966
16-08-15Tournament n8927
16-08-06Tournament n8912
16-07-08Tournament n8874
16-06-18Tournament n8851
16-05-21Tournament n8803
16-03-19Tournament n8704
16-03-04Tournament n8684
16-02-04Tournament n8631
15-12-25Tournament n8558
15-08-08Tournament n8352
15-07-13Tournament n8314
15-06-08Tournament n8287
15-05-26Tournament n8271
15-05-16Tournament n8262
15-04-25Tournament n8213
15-04-15Tournament n8205
15-03-14Tournament n8139
15-03-01Tournament n8129
15-02-15Tournament n8098
15-01-04Tournament n7981
14-12-22Tournament n7952
14-12-06Tournament n7925
14-11-29Tournament n7909
14-11-08Tournament n7862
14-10-26Tournament n7831
14-09-06Tournament n7691
14-08-24Tournament n7664
14-08-03Tournament n7623
14-07-15Tournament n7569
14-07-09Tournament n7553
14-06-13Tournament n7492
14-05-12Tournament n7412
14-03-16Tournament n7284
14-03-07Tournament n7266
14-03-02Tournament n7257
14-02-16Tournament n7226
14-01-04Tournament n7108
14-01-02Tournament n7101
13-12-30Tournament n7086
13-12-23Tournament n7060
13-12-08Tournament n7035
13-11-27Tournament n7017
13-11-17Tournament n6984
13-11-01Halloween 2013 (1700 Elo and above)
13-09-22Autumn 2013 (1700 Elo and above)
13-09-10Tournament n6828
13-08-11Tournament n6755
13-07-14Tournament n6702
13-07-12Tournament n6693
13-05-29Tournament n6599
13-05-12Tournament n6584
13-04-21Tournament n6544
13-03-09Tournament n6453
13-02-02Tournament n6372
12-12-29Tournament n6275
12-12-22Tournament n6268
12-11-18Tournament n6173
12-10-05Tournament n6079
12-07-22Tournament n5910
12-07-08Tournament n5884
12-05-13Tournament n5754
12-02-24Tournament n5573
12-02-11Tournament n5513
11-12-31Tournament n5414
11-11-24Tournament n5319
11-10-01Tournament n5184
11-07-30Tournament n5021
11-07-10Tournament n4979
11-04-08defence french
11-04-07Tournament n4805
11-03-21Tournament n4763
11-02-05Tournament n4667
10-12-25Tournament n4602
10-11-15Pterodactyl Attack
10-09-15Pirc Defence Warriors
10-09-04Tournament n4396
10-08-23Tournament n4372
10-08-16Tournament n4364
10-06-22Summer 2010 (1700 Elo and above)
10-06-12Tournament n4239
10-05-12Tournament n4165
10-03-19Tournament n4067
10-02-13Tournament n3999
10-01-25Tournament n3945
09-12-23Tournament n3862
09-12-20Tournament n3857
07-06-07Team : Dream Team - Aaron20
07-05-11Team : The League Of Gentlemen - Aaron20
07-04-13Team : chibcha - Aaron20
07-02-21Team : Aaron20 - Equipo Juan Diaz
07-02-16Team : mapejk - Aaron20
07-01-23Team : DALIGCON Pawns - Aaron20
07-01-17Team : Dream Team - Aaron20
07-01-10Team : KingFischer Club - Aaron20
06-12-21Team : New Team - Aaron20
06-12-20Team : mapejk - Aaron20
06-12-11Team : New Team - Aaron20
06-11-22Team : Black Kings - Aaron20
06-11-16Team : Black Kings - Aaron20
06-10-19Team : New Team - Aaron20
06-10-17Team : No Mercy - Aaron20
06-10-07Team : Aaron20 - Angels of Checkmate
06-09-26Team : Dream Team - Aaron20
06-09-26Team : Equipo Juan Diaz - Aaron20
06-09-07Team : Black Kings - Aaron20
06-09-07Team : Aaron20 - vesdrumamo
06-08-27Team : BobbyFischersDead - Aaron20
06-08-21Team : Equipo Juan Diaz - Aaron20
06-08-14Tournament n1207
06-08-08Team : Aaron20 - YORUGASBOYS
06-08-01Tournament n1182
06-07-16The Criminals Tournament
06-07-15Team : Aaron20 - Black Kings
06-07-07Team : Aaron20 - KingFischer Club
06-06-25Team : No Mercy - Aaron20
06-06-16Team : Aaron20 - Black Kings
06-06-02Tournament n1064
06-05-16Tournament n1019
06-05-07Tournament n989
06-04-09Tournament n910
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