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seger's Tournaments

20-03-17Tournament n10328
20-03-07Tournament n10323
20-02-19Tournament n10310
20-01-18Tournament n10292
19-12-22Tournament n10275
19-12-10Tournament n10269
19-12-01Tournament n10261
19-11-07Tournament n10250
19-10-29Tournament n10247
19-10-15Tournament n10238
19-09-06Tournament n10214
19-07-21Tournament n10183
19-07-17Tournament n10180
19-06-19Tournament n10165
19-05-17Tournament n10145
19-05-11Tournament n10138
19-05-04Tournament n10132
19-04-16Tournament n10121
19-03-23Tournament n10103
19-03-08Tournament n10088
19-02-18Tournament n10079
19-02-12Tournament n10078
19-01-16Tournament n10058
19-01-06Tournament n10046
19-01-02Tournament n10045
18-12-25Tournament n10037
18-11-21Tournament n10014
18-11-07Tournament n10002
18-10-30Tournament n9997
18-09-28Tournament n9966
18-09-04Tournament n9944
18-08-31Tournament n9941
18-07-16Tournament n9902
18-07-08Tournament n9892
18-06-27Tournament n9880
18-05-27Tournament n9850
18-05-16Tournament n9843
18-04-15Tournament n9804
18-04-09Tournament n9795
18-03-07Tournament n9768
18-03-02Tournament n9764
18-02-20Tournament n9745
18-02-08Tournament n9730
18-01-31Tournament n9724
18-01-07Tournament n9698
18-01-02Tournament n9692
17-12-18Tournament n9673
17-12-14Tournament n9670
17-11-08Tournament n9617
17-09-09Tournament n9528
17-08-23Tournament n9509
17-08-15Tournament n9496
17-07-27Tournament n9471
17-06-29Tournament n9445
17-06-25Tournament n9437
17-05-26Tournament n9401
17-05-13Tournament n9377
17-05-01Tournament n9364
17-04-23Tournament n9352
17-04-17Tournament n9342
17-04-12Tournament n9339
17-04-07Tournament n9332
17-04-02Tournament n9325
17-03-31Tournament n9319
17-03-24Tournament n9314
17-02-07Tournament n9252
17-01-28Tournament n9233
17-01-10Tournament n9188
16-12-11Tournament n9127
16-11-27Tournament n9097
16-11-21Tournament n9086
16-11-19Tournament n9077
16-11-04Tournament n9055
16-10-21Tournament n9032
16-10-18Tournament n9022
16-10-02Tournament n9002
16-09-28Tournament n8992
16-09-22Tournament n8980
16-08-07Tournament n8921
16-08-02Tournament n8912
16-07-26Tournament n8900
16-07-15Tournament n8887
16-06-28Tournament n8864
16-06-21Tournament n8856
16-06-20Tournament n8851
16-05-28Tournament n8812
16-05-19Tournament n8798
16-05-13Tournament n8776
16-04-26Tournament n8757
16-04-25Tournament n8749
16-04-12Tournament n8735
16-03-31Tournament n8715
16-03-26Tournament n8708
16-03-18Tournament n8704
16-03-14Tournament n8690
16-02-23Tournament n8669
16-02-20Tournament n8660
16-01-26Tournament n8617
16-01-18Tournament n8602
16-01-12Tournament n8586
16-01-04Tournament n8577
16-01-02Tournament n8569
15-12-25Tournament n8558
15-12-05Tournament n8528
15-11-23Tournament n8507
15-11-06Tournament n8478
15-11-04Tournament n8475
15-10-31Tournament n8471
15-10-24Tournament n8464
15-10-14Tournament n8444
15-09-13Tournament n8396
15-09-07Tournament n8389
15-08-31Tournament n8385
15-08-12Tournament n8359
15-08-09Tournament n8352
15-07-22Tournament n8329
15-06-29Tournament n8302
15-06-05Tournament n8277
15-05-27Tournament n8272
15-04-28Tournament n8225
15-04-19Tournament n8205
15-04-13Tournament n8193
15-03-20Tournament n8160
15-03-16Tournament n8151
15-03-01Tournament n8129
15-02-28Tournament n8127
15-02-26Tournament n8123
15-02-07Tournament n8081
15-02-03Tournament n8074
15-01-29Tournament n8061
15-01-04Tournament n7981
14-12-22Tournament n7952
14-12-05Tournament n7925
14-11-12Tournament n7874
14-09-11Tournament n7707
14-08-21Tournament n7657
14-07-11Tournament n7553
14-07-01Tournament n7533
14-06-21Tournament n7510
14-06-17Tournament n7492
14-05-29Tournament n7459
14-05-21Tournament n7429
14-04-25Tournament n7381
14-04-05Tournament n7326
14-03-15Tournament n7280
14-02-24Tournament n7246
14-02-10Tournament n7209
14-01-19Tournament n7149
13-12-16Tournament n7057
13-11-20Tournament n6995
13-10-25Tournament n6933
13-09-08Tournament n6821
13-03-18Level 7 March 2013
13-03-11Team : Clubul Central de Sah - Slap Shot Mates
13-02-19Level 7 February 2013
13-01-12Team : Clubul Central de Sah - Slap Shot Mates
13-01-09Team : Team USA - Slap Shot Mates
12-11-10Team : Slap Shot Mates - Angels of Checkmate
12-11-06top 2400 A
12-10-21Team : Los Tercios - Slap Shot Mates
12-09-09Team : Slap Shot Mates - Clubul Central de Sah
12-09-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE
12-06-10Team : Los Tercios - Slap Shot Mates
12-06-07Team : Clubul Central de Sah - Slap Shot Mates
12-06-07Team : Equipo Juan Diaz - Slap Shot Mates
12-06-07Team : Slap Shot Mates - The Bishop of Stein
12-05-29Team : Clubul Central de Sah - Slap Shot Mates
12-04-07Team : Slap Shot Mates - chibcha
12-03-27Team : Slap Shot Mates - Tigers
12-03-10Team : CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE - Slap Shot Mates
11-12-28Team : Russkaya Komanda - Slap Shot Mates
11-12-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - The Bishop of Stein
11-12-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - Equipo Juan Diaz
11-11-22Team : Portugal - Slap Shot Mates
11-10-26Team : Los Tercios - Slap Shot Mates
11-09-10Team : Slap Shot Mates - Team ROMANIA
11-08-17Level 7 B
11-06-07Team : Slap Shot Mates - CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE
11-06-07Team : Slap Shot Mates - Equipo Juan Diaz
11-05-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - Kokrclub
11-04-292500 and more 2011 B
11-03-30Team : Clubul Central de Sah - Slap Shot Mates
10-12-07Team : Slap Shot Mates - Dream Team
10-09-14Niveau 7 VI
10-09-09Team : CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE - Slap Shot Mates
10-09-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - Dream Team
10-06-09Team : SIETE ESTRELLAS VERDES - Slap Shot Mates
10-05-18Team : Russkaya Komanda - Slap Shot Mates
10-03-21Team : Slap Shot Mates - Tombul Istakoz
10-03-11Team : Russkaya Komanda - Slap Shot Mates
10-03-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE
10-02-23master 1
10-01-21Team : Slap Shot Mates - The Bishop of Stein
09-12-21Team : Tigers - Slap Shot Mates
09-12-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - Tombul Istakoz
09-11-21Team : Slap Shot Mates - CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE
09-11-19Team : Slap Shot Mates - Russkaya Komanda
09-10-23Team : Slap Shot Mates - mapejk
09-09-12Team : Slap Shot Mates - Tigers
09-09-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - La Taverne
09-07-22Team : mapejk - Slap Shot Mates
09-07-14Team : vesdrumamo - Slap Shot Mates
09-06-25Niveau 7 II
09-06-13Team : Russkaya Komanda - Slap Shot Mates
09-04-12Team : Slap Shot Mates - SIETE ESTRELLAS VERDES
09-03-09Team : Slap Shot Mates - Russkaya Komanda
09-03-09Team : Slap Shot Mates - New Team
09-02-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE
08-12-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - La Taverne
08-11-28Team : Mahernozian Knights - Slap Shot Mates
08-10-07Team : The Best Chess - Slap Shot Mates
08-09-27Tournament n2922
08-09-22Tournament n2911
08-09-17Team : Slap Shot Mates - The Bishop of Stein
08-08-27Tournament n2841
08-07-31Tournament n2773
08-06-25Tournament n2733
08-06-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - New Team
08-06-07Team : Slap Shot Mates - Russkaya Komanda
08-06-04Tournament n2697
08-05-26Tournament n2683
08-05-06Team : La Taverne - Slap Shot Mates
08-03-26Team : Slap Shot Mates - Mighty Kings
08-03-15Tournament n2511
08-02-24Team : Slap Shot Mates - San Miguel Knights V
08-01-25Tournament n2385
08-01-09Tournament n2343
08-01-06Tournament n2333
07-12-19Tournament n2292
07-12-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - Dream Team
07-12-01Tournament n2217
07-09-29Tournament n2074
07-09-25First Memorial Leonid Stein
07-09-01Tournament n2063
07-08-14Tournament n2013
07-08-03Tournament n1986
07-07-25Team : vesdrumamo - Slap Shot Mates
07-07-24Tournament n1972
07-07-20Tournament n1968
07-07-19Tournament n1959
07-07-13Tournament n1957
07-07-12Tournament n1953
07-06-28Tournament n1924
07-06-25Tournament n1917
07-06-23Tournament n1910
07-05-28Tournament n1842
07-05-22Tournament n1831
07-05-22Team : La Taverne - Slap Shot Mates
07-05-09Tournament n1798
07-05-05Tournament n1793
07-05-03Tournament n1787
07-05-01Tournament n1783
07-04-25Tournament n1763
07-04-23Tournament n1753
07-04-20Tournament n1750
07-04-15Tournament n1733
07-04-15Tournament n1737
07-04-13Tournament n1732
07-04-04Tournament n1715
07-04-01Tournament n1708
07-03-14Tournament n1674
07-03-07Tournament n1654
07-02-24Tournament n1630
07-02-11Tournament n1599
07-02-03Tournament n1585
07-01-26Tournament n1576
07-01-26Tournament n1570
07-01-16Tournament n1548
07-01-15Tournament n1547
07-01-13Tournament n1542
07-01-11Tournament n1538
06-12-23Tournament n1504
06-12-18Tournament n1501
06-12-17Tournament n1497
06-12-15Tournament n1494
06-12-15Tournament n1492
06-12-13Tournament n1481
06-12-01Tournament n1456
06-11-30Tournament n1449
06-11-26Tournament n1442
06-11-24Tournament n1433
06-11-22Tournament n1428
06-11-19Tournament n1424
06-11-16Tournament n1416
06-11-01Tournament n1386
06-10-31Tournament n1384
06-10-29Tournament n1381
06-10-28Tournament n1378
06-10-25Tournament n1370
06-10-10Tournament n1336
06-10-07Tournament n1332
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