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jdz's Tournaments

15-04-01Tournament n8171
13-11-17Tournament n6990
13-11-16Tournament n6984
13-11-11Tournament n6975
13-11-10Tournament n6974
13-11-08Tournament n6966
13-11-02Tournament n6947
13-10-30Tournament n6933
13-10-19Tournament n6919
13-10-14Tournament n6914
13-10-10Tournament n6903
13-10-09Tournament n6896
13-10-01Tournament n6885
13-09-30Tournament n6878
13-09-22rybka 2013
13-09-21Tournament n6862
13-09-17Tournament n6853
13-09-11Tournament n6835
13-09-09Tournament n6828
13-09-06Tournament n6821
13-09-06Tournament n6816
12-03-11Tournament n5605
12-01-23Tournament n5486
12-01-23Tournament n5480
12-01-18Tournament n5471
12-01-16Tournament n5460
12-01-10Tournament n5441
11-12-29Tournament n5405
11-12-27Tournament n5401
11-12-21Tournament n5386
11-10-29Tournament n5248
11-10-25Tournament n5234
11-10-19Tournament n5221
11-09-27Tournament n5177
11-09-25Tournament n5171
11-09-24Tournament n5160
11-09-09Tournament n5122
11-08-23Tournament n5091
11-05-22Tournament n4867
11-04-10Tournament n4805
11-02-19Tournament n4700
10-10-29Tournament n4482
10-10-18Tournament n4470
10-08-28Tournament n4382
10-08-16Tournament n4365
10-08-08Tournament n4350
10-08-07Tournament n4348
10-07-26Tournament n4326
10-07-24Tournament n4324
10-07-17Tournament n4288
10-06-03Tournament n4205
10-05-08Tournament n4165
10-04-28Tournament n4143
10-04-10Tournament n4096
10-03-14Tournament n4053
10-03-07Tournament n4025
10-02-23master 1
10-02-21Tournament n4019
10-02-06Tournament n3981
10-01-31Tournament n3972
10-01-16Tournament n3927
10-01-14Tournament n3919
10-01-11Tournament n3897
09-12-25Tournament n3865
09-12-20Tournament n3854
09-12-16Tournament n3814
09-11-29Tournament n3808
09-10-14Tournament n3707
09-09-29Tournament n3677
09-09-22Tournament n3668
09-09-20Tournament n3660
09-09-16Tournament n3648
09-07-31Tournament n3545
09-03-25Tournament n3300
09-03-20Tournament n3299
09-03-13Tournament n3285
09-03-13Tournament n3278
09-02-07Tournament n3215
09-02-01Tournament n3198
09-01-10Tournament n3152
09-01-03Tournament n3144
08-12-26Tournament n3123
08-12-20Tournament n3109
08-12-10Tournament n3093
08-12-06Tournament n3089
08-11-30Tournament n3082
08-11-23Tournament n3050
08-11-13Tournament n3039
08-10-13World Champion over 1700
08-10-11Tournament n2967
08-10-11Tournament n2966
08-10-03Tournament n2948
08-09-28Tournament n2934
08-09-27Tournament n2922
08-02-15Party in Budapest
08-01-21Tournament n2355
07-11-12Tournament n2197
07-10-28Tournament n2162
07-08-25Tournament n2030
07-08-10Tournament n2010
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