Thu Oct 21

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ffdd65's Tournaments

21-06-26Tournament n10575
21-05-01Tournament n10555
21-03-20Tournament n10532
21-02-15Tournament n10522
21-02-04Tournament n10516
20-11-26Tournament n10483
20-11-22Tournament n10480
20-10-10Tournament n10452
20-10-03Tournament n10448
20-08-22Tournament n10431
20-08-19Tournament n10427
20-08-05Tournament n10422
20-07-28Tournament n10419
20-06-13Tournament n10397
20-06-08Tournament n10395
20-04-05Tournament n10349
20-03-26Tournament n10334
18-06-30Tournament n9879
18-06-17Tournament n9868
18-05-16Tournament n9841
18-02-13Tournament n9734
17-10-11Tournament n9575
17-08-14Tournament n9489
17-07-22Tournament n9466
17-06-17Tournament n9424
17-05-25Tournament n9400
17-04-29Tournament n9361
17-03-03Tournament n9287
17-02-14Tournament n9262
17-01-28Tournament n9229
17-01-10Tournament n9186
16-12-08Tournament n9121
16-08-31Tournament n8944
16-07-24Tournament n8904
16-07-24Tournament n8901
16-06-19Tournament n8850
16-04-24Tournament n8748
16-02-20Tournament n8661
15-12-12Tournament n8539
15-12-09Tournament n8534
15-11-07Tournament n8473
15-10-08Tournament n8433
15-09-25Tournament n8410
15-09-10Tournament n8395
15-08-03Tournament n8345
15-04-26Tournament n8218
15-03-15Tournament n8149
15-03-12Tournament n8142
15-01-29Tournament n8060
14-12-25Tournament n7965
14-11-03Tournament n7852
14-10-07Tournament n7781
14-09-03Tournament n7687
14-08-31Tournament n7683
14-08-25Tournament n7667
14-07-01Tournament n7534
14-06-23Tournament n7517
14-05-26Tournament n7458
14-05-22Tournament n7445
14-04-06Tournament n7329
13-08-17Tournament n6780
13-07-01cardiff summer 2013
13-06-23My Cup 3
13-05-24Tournament n6604
13-05-23Tournament n6605
13-05-05Tournament n6566
13-04-21Tournament n6542
13-04-16Tournament n6532
13-03-22Spring day 2013 (1700 Elo and above)
13-02-16Tournament n6404
13-02-07Tournament n6388
13-02-01coventry chess 2013
13-01-31Tournament n6369
12-12-27Tournament n6282
12-12-06Tournament n6226
12-11-12skandinavian open 2012
12-10-06Chess Mail Champion 2012
12-09-20difficult 5
12-09-05Tournament n6027
12-08-31Tournament n6013
12-08-23Tournament n5984
12-08-09Tournament n5950
12-07-22Tournament n5923
12-07-16Tournament n5906
12-07-10Tournament n5893
12-07-04Tournament n5879
12-06-27Tournament n5857
12-06-21Tournament n5838
12-06-19Tournament n5830
12-05-23Tournament n5775
12-05-15Tournament n5758
12-04-29Tournament n5721
12-04-24Tournament n5708
12-03-14Tournament n5624
12-02-29Tournament n5588
12-02-18Tournament n5558
11-12-28Tournament n5409
11-11-17Tournament n5303
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