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badplayer's Tournaments

15-03-09Team : Angels of Checkmate - La Taverne
15-01-22Tournament n8024
15-01-22Tournament n8040
15-01-03Tournament n7996
14-12-11Team : Angels of Checkmate - Slap Shot Mates
14-11-29Tournament n7912
14-11-11Team : Angels of Checkmate - Helvetica B
14-09-09Team : Angels of Checkmate - CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE
14-09-01Tournament n7685
14-09-01Tournament n7676
14-08-03Tournament n7622
14-07-29Tournament n7601
14-07-06Tournament n7548
14-06-28Tournament n7528
14-06-19Team : Angels of Checkmate - Clubul Central de Sah
14-06-11Team : Angels of Checkmate - Nomanders
14-05-06Tournament n7402
14-05-06Tournament n7408
14-04-27Tournament n7378
14-04-14Tournament n7350
14-04-14Tournament n7347
14-03-10Tournament n7273
14-02-19Tournament n7236
13-09-18Tournament n6851
13-09-11Tournament n6830
13-08-06Tournament n6756
12-01-26Tournament n5488
12-01-15Tournament n5463
12-01-01Tournament n5413
11-12-26Christmas 2011 (1700 Elo and above)
11-12-15Tournament n5373
11-12-11Tournament n5364
11-11-05Tournament n5276
11-10-22Tournament n5237
11-09-02Tournament n5112
11-08-06Tournament n5049
11-08-01Tournament n5034
11-07-30Tournament n5030
11-07-23Tournament n5011
11-07-10Tournament n4985
11-07-03Tournament n4967
11-06-22Summer 2011 (1700 Elo and above)
11-06-11Tournament n4919
11-06-04Tournament n4902
11-05-29Tournament n4893
11-05-22Tournament n4875
11-05-17Tournament n4869
11-05-15Tournament n4866
11-04-30Tournament n4841
11-04-10Tournament n4804
11-03-26Tournament n4774
11-03-22Spring day 2011 (1700 Elo and above)
11-03-05Tournament n4731
11-03-03Tournament n4727
11-02-26Tournament n4714
11-02-08Tournament n4680
11-01-13Tournament n4643
10-12-26Christmas 2010 (1700 Elo and above)
10-12-04Tournament n4573
10-11-28Tournament n4559
10-11-28Tournament n4560
10-11-20Tournament n4537
10-10-30Tournament n4501
10-09-11Tournament n4406
10-09-11Tournament n4408
10-07-11Tournament n4300
10-07-03Tournament n4286
10-06-27Tournament n4271
10-06-19Tournament n4254
10-06-06Tournament n4231
10-05-25Tournament n4199
10-05-15Tournament n4180
10-05-04Tournament n4160
10-04-18Tournament n4131
10-04-14Tournament n4127
10-03-27Tournament n4070
10-03-21Tournament n4072
10-03-16Tournament n4064
10-03-10Tournament n4058
10-03-01Tournament n4036
10-02-17Tournament n4015
10-02-12Tournament n4004
10-02-04Tournament n3977
10-01-20Tournament n3939
10-01-01Tournament n3895
09-12-19Tournament n3857
09-12-15Tournament n3848
09-11-28Tournament n3811
09-11-01Tournament n3750
09-10-13Team : mapejk - Mahernozian Knights
09-09-20Tournament n3657
09-08-30Tournament n3619
09-08-27Tournament n3615
09-08-19Team : Brasil xadrez clube - Mahernozian Knights
09-08-16Tournament n3584
09-08-06Tournament n3567
09-06-21Super Tour
09-06-20Tournament n3463
09-06-20Tournament n3473
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